Advisory Services ——

Trusted expertise and solutions tailored to your priorities and critical issues.


Advisory Services ——

Trusted expertise and solutions tailored to your priorities and critical issues.

Our Advisory Services

Timely & Actionable Insights

We help your organization keep pace and improve performance with solutions tailored to your priorities and critical issues.

Labour Cost Optimization (LCO)

You're losing valuable payroll dollars each pay cycle through hidden leakages. We'll show you where all the holes are, how big they are and how to plug them.

Business Case Development

From minor upgrades to major transformations we'll help you build a compelling, fact-based case that will be a strong advocate for your initiative.

Transformation Road Mapping

Funding secured! Now plan the journey with someone who's been there and knows what it will take for you to summit your transformation goals.

Vendor Selections

Our approach is tailored to evaluating WFM technologies and designed to pair you with the right vendor while surfacing insights that will accelerate solution delivery.

Client Advocacy & Retainers

Whether you want us in your corner alongside your teams during project delivery or need quick, expert, no-nonsense advice on demand we've got you covered.

M&A and Transactions

Let us support and help protect the value you're looking to create with our Due Diligence and Post Merger Integration services.

Labor Cost Optimization (LCO)

Let us show you where the money is leaking!

Know where you're losing valuable payroll dollars and how to go after it with our LCO assessment. We've helped organizations fix costly error prone processes, flush out fraud and improve compliance with labor laws, union agreements and internal policy.

Improve Compliance
Fund new initiatives
Reduce Fraud & Costly Errors
2% - 9%
Payroll Saved
Business Case Development

Let's get your initiative funded!

We help HR, Technology and Operations executives put together strong cases that address their most critical workforce issues. We'll thoroughly evaluate total cost of ownership arising from both adoption of technologies as well changes in operating models. We then marry these costs to the value you can expect to capture and develop your plan to realize that ROI in manner that is aligned with your internal stakeholders.

Strong Case

Compelling Story

Value Focused

Clear benefits

Clear Costs

Total cost to own

Realistic ROI

& Realization Plan
Transformation Roadmapping

Know which way to go, how long to get there & what to expect along the way!

The clarity in direction is half the journey.

Portfolio & Project Planning

Transformations rarely happen in silos. Let's plan your initiative while aligning it with other organizational changes and strategic priorities.

Target Operating Model Design

How your teams work to deliver value to your organization and its customers may need to evolve in response to changes in business priorities. We'll help you envision what that future looks like and how to realize it.

Expertise looking out for your interest

Vendor Selection

We understand you're not just looking for software but for a technology partner whom you can trust with helping you run a part of your business.


Vendor Selection

Helping you choose the right technology partner for you!

1. Business Requirements

Through a series of current state mapping and future state envisioning workshops, we'll produce Functional and Technical requirements you will use in your RFI or RFP process.

2. Evaluation Criteria

We will co-create an evaluation criteria designed to surface the best technical solution fit as well as the best organization and culture fit you would need in a business partner.

3. Identify Candidates

With literally hundreds of WFM vendors out there, leverage our marketplace knowledge and save time developing your shortlist.

4. Demos & Evaluations

Sit back and enjoy the presentations envisioning what could be! Let us handle all the scheduling logistics and scoring tabulations for a no-head-ache, bias-free experience.

5. Selection

Once you've seen all the products, we'll ensure your satisfaction with the range of choices you'll have to make your shortlist or you may settle on a choice if there's a stand-out product.

6. Contracting

You shouldn't overpay for any solution you end up selecting. Leverage our industry knowledge and negotiation strategies to secure fair prices or better for your desired solution.


Getting you from here to the summit & enjoying the journey!

Get Answers, Gain Confidence & Take Action

One-On-One Advisory Calls

Don't get stuck! Bring your most pressing business challenges your WFM transformation is facing and receive no-nonsense advice you can put into action immediately, guaranteed.

Client Advocacy Service

Have the right expertise in the room and on your side protecting your initiatives interests during vendor demos, contract negotiations and other key project moments as required.

We don't bite.......Hard

Drop us a line and let's make "awesome" happen!